Consulting & JV’s

As most developers, we are the guys who assess the market and design a concept using our market expertise and development experience.  Once we determine that a project is feasible, we need to source capital and debt.  We currently have a very small but loyal group of investors who have been a continuous source for the resources needed for our development, however, we are always looking for new relationships with local investors.  We use tactful negotiation skill to mitigate financial exposure as much as possible.  This can come from the actual property and how we can potentially turn the seller of the land into a participant in the project.  The value of the land will offset a significant amount of equity and/or collateral required by our lenders for the financing, reducing financial exposure to any other partners involved.

We have had great success in the Iona McGregor submarket by partnering with either landowners or the private sector who are looking to be partners, co-developers, or passive investors.  There isn't an arrangement we won't consider as long as it makes sense.  The most significant step is getting to know each other.  We should understand each other's goals and ambitions.  This is also the step as to where we assess who is experienced to handle what responsibilities.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, whether it be through development or existing income property in Fort Myers, it would be mutually beneficial to meet at my office for a little bit and discuss.  Same thing if you own land in the area and want to determine what the highest and best use for the property is, we are highly experienced to assist you with that.

Let's meet.  Call my office or fill out the form HERE and I'll get an immediate message to my phone.