Allan Development Group is a full service development firm.  Since 2013, we have invested over $20 million in new projects and are in planning stages for nearly $40 million more exclusively in the Iona McGregor neighborhood.  Over the last 5 years and a number of completed projects, we have been recognized as the lead developers in the Iona McGregor submarket.  Founder, Scott Allan believes the Iona McGregor submarket is the very first area that buyers look at when buying a home, however high prices result in many to explore neighboring areas.  Our mission is to develop all of the remaining feasible sites in this submarket with housing and special purpose projects.

Our competitive advantage as a full service real estate firm is that we are also licensed realtors and have a wealth of data to support our projects.  Scott Allan is most proud of his community roots.  Being involved in local community events and charities, it gives an organic way of speaking to those who live in the community.  It is here when Allan refines his visions and develops concepts.  It is one giant focus group developed over years of discussions and friendships.

Allan Development Group specializes in Residential, Multifamily, Industrial, and Special Purpose concepts.  Our team of engineers and designers assist in value engineering so that we can build our projects on time and under budget.

If you are the owner of land and either want to sell completely or if you prefer to use your land as participation, please call or come in and visit with me anytime.  You never know what you have until you can see your options.  Message me here..