Whiskey Creek – Housing Data Report

Along the McGregor corridor is the ever-popular Whiskey Creek neighborhood.  Whiskey Creek has great appeal to homeowners due to its proximity to beaches, islands, business/commercial nodes, and downtown Fort Myers, among many others.  It is also a very good location for schools.

With the intercoastal waterways extending throughout Whiskey Creek, there are off-water and waterfront homes that offer quick access to the river, then Gulf of Mexico.

Click Here to view all off-water homes for sale in Whiskey Creek.  Since the community is in high demand, there are normally less than 10 available homes at a time.

Available Homes8$344,950 (median)
Median Ask Price PSF$197
Homes sold last 120 days13$299,900 (median)
Median Price PSF on Sales$165

If you take a snapshot of the market a year ago, there were 15 off-water homes that sold in Whiskey Creek from April 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016.  The median price per square foot at the time was $147, with a median sales price of $275,000.  The table above strongly indicates that Whiskey Creek is continuing an upward trejectory for home price gains.  The year over year difference has had a market performance of a 15% weighted gain in home values.  This likely has a lot to do with the comparison of sales just across the street on the "riverside" of McGregor Blvd, where off-water homes are selling at over $225 PSF which is a stones throw away from Whiskey Creek's entrance.

Let's take a look at waterfront homes in Whiskey Creek.  Click Here to view all Gulf access waterfront homes for sale in Whiskey Creek.  The table below will show the current statistics.

Available Homes5$500,000 (median)
Median Ask Price PSF$257
Homes sold last 120 days4$682,450(median)
Median Price PSF on Sales$215

Using the same comparison as off-water homes, during the same time last year, there were 3 sales of homes with Gulf Access.  The median price per square foot at the time was $240, with a median sales price was $600,000.  This also indicates a continuous upward trend in home values.  Using a weighted average system, waterfront homes in Whiskey Creek have made gains of about 8%.  While the price per square foot was higher last year, the quality of home compared to the price has made strong gains.  Recent homes sold could be considered "tear down homes" or homes in need of repair.

Whiskey Creek has enormous appeal and one of our team members will be happy to give you a virtual or in-person tour of the neighborhood.  Or, as always, feel free to come on in and talk real estate with us to get a really good understanding of that specific market.  No commitments, just facts and opinions.

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